Rise above your limitations with high altitude mountain biking in Nepal and Tibet. Relax on Vietnam's beaches, or take to the hills or highways. Global Cycling Adventures' Asia bike tours come in every speed for everybody. Asia has a myriad of climates, landscapes, languages, cultures, faiths, cuisines, and contrasts. Experience it all and learn about different ways of life. You'll stay in comfort, whether its a small mountain lodge, a hotel or a beach resort. Our expert guides will ensure you enjoy great cycling, plus you'll have the back-up of our support van. Whether you're seeking serenity, sensory overload, or your own Shangri-La, it's all here in Asia.



  • Mystical Bhutan 15 day Biking Adventure

    Journey to the Land of the Thunder Dragon 15 DaysParo to Guwahati
    Rarely is any country well known and at the same time steeped in such mystery. This tour allows the opportunity to visit the Land of the Thunder Dragon. An adventurous Bhutan cycling tour.
    Best Travel Times: May - October
    • Mountain Biking
    from $13107 NZD
    Bhutan Biking Adventures | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Japan

  • Japan Cycling Tour

    Cycling Japan's Noto Peninsula 9 DaysKanazawa City to Takayama
    Japan is a cyclist's dream — a blend of ancient and modern, cities and rice paddies, forests, mountains, and to top it off: hot springs for aching muscles!
    Best Travel Times: May - September
    • Road Cycling
    from $7217 NZD
    Global Cycling Adventures - Japan Cycling Tour
  • Mongolia

  • Mongolia Mountain Biking Tour

    Follow in the Footsteps of Genghis Khan and Marco Polo 14 DaysUlaanbaatar to Ulaanbaatar
    Wild, lonely, majestic, ancient and modern: discover Mongolia's sweeping terrain by mountain bike.
    Best Travel Times: June - August
    • Mountain Biking
    Mongolia Biking Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Tibet

  • Tibet Mountain Bike Tour

    23 DaysKathmandu to Kathmandu
    Experience amazing highs from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp, and the world's biggest and steepest downhill (150 km/4600 m)!
    Best Travel Times: April - May / September
    • High Altitude Cycling
    from $5226 NZD
    Tibet Mountain Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Vietnam

  • Saigon to Bangkok by Bicycle - 14 Days

    Lifestyle Cycling Tour of Southeast Asia 14 DaysSaigon to Bangkok
    Take a tour in three of Southeat Asia's most diverse and fascinating countries.
    Best Travel Times: January - March & May - December
    • Lifestyle
    from $5143 NZD
    Saigon to Bangkok Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Cycling Vietnam's Central Coast - 10 days

    Vietnam Cycling Tour 10 DaysHue to Nha Trang
    Capture an unforgettable snapshot of Vietnam’s shoreline with our tour of the Central Coast. Cycle iconic sandy-white beaches framed by coconut palms, with the sails of junks and sampans floating on the emerald green horizon of the South China Sea.
    • Lifestyle
    from $3609 NZD
  • Vietnam 17 Day Cycling Tour

    Saigon to Hanoi 17 DaysSaigon to Hanoi
    Join us on a 17-day bike adventure from the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh City, otherwise known as Saigon, up to Hanoi.
    • Road Cycling
    from $6139 NZD