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My special experience of the tour was: My decision to go with the ebike. Great experience using the Stromer. Made my holiday very enjoyable.

Cheryl Van opzeeland Norway Road Cycling Tour August 14, 2017

Great team. Great travels. Great Norweigan adventure with the GCA crew. I'll be back for more.... That's a seal of approval✔️

Julie Norway Road Cycling Tour August 11, 2017

Great tour covering many of the most scenic parts of Norway. This tour was a great balance of terrain challenging enough for the most experienced cyclists, while also having some more gentle rolling sections for a little more relaxed cruising. Fantastic to have a guide like Knut for local insights and also the experience of talking to, and riding with, a Norwegian pro rider.

David Price Norway Road Cycling Tour August 11, 2017

Too many beers, too little time. My first guided tour and I'd do it again.

Jeffery Berman Norway Road Cycling Tour August 11, 2017

Global Cycling Adventures - Spain cycling tours

My initial thoughts on the itinerary were doubtful, but as the tour progressed I realised why it was done this way. Full marks for a well thought out itinerary.

Paul Talmage New Zealand Jacobs Trail Cycling Tour, Spain July 3, 2017

Global Cycling Adventures - Spain cycling tours

A very rewarding experience!

David Williams New Zealand Jacobs Trail Cycling Tour, Spain July 3, 2017

The trip was, as expected, fantastic. Weather great, food great, company great, and fabulous accommodation. It was nice to be able to get in from a long days ride, and have a nana nap in a really nice hotel. ... on the last day I rode one of the new fangled e-bikes for the last stage into Santiago, and am now a convert. My road bike will probably never go on another tour. What a revelation. ... So in closing, probably one of the best tours I’ve been, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

John Hedge New Zealand Jacobs Trail Cycling Tour, Spain July 3, 2017

Croatia bike and sail tour

The Croatian Islands are truly beautiful, each one with its own unique feel. We were lucky, due to an itinerary change, to also see the island of Brac. We met a great group of people on the tour and shared so much fun & laughter with them.The ceaseless attention and hard work of our guides (Toni & Josh) and their support crew (Captain Pave & his team) ensured that the week was absolutely amazing!

Sue & Geoff Welsh New Zealand Croatia May 24, 2017

An absolutely incredible journey and a huge, huge thank you to your team for making it possible. I really hope other people sign up for this trip and get to experience what we did. Whilst it was brutally tough at times, the scenery, the journey, and the kindness and organisation of the local guides and staff

Rebecca Wardell New Zealand Bolivia September 15, 2016

The entire experience of this journey is something I will be unlikely to forget. It was incredible. It was also tough. It was rewarding, challenging, adrenaline inducing, and jaw dropping. Full of so many moments that built on each other to make the entire experience unforgettable.

Kathryn Phillips New Zealand Bolivia September 15, 2016

Sardinia to Corsica Cycling Tour

Excellent tour great to have 2 days at some places! Good mates and loads of fun! Rene was amazing - seems to really enjoy seeing the regular faces, always cheerful and ready to help!

Helene Hudson, Sardinia-Corsica New Zealand June 27, 2016

Sardinia to Corsica Cycling Tour

I thought the Island of Corsica was the highlight. Cycling predominately near the coastline,and the deep blue of the Mediteranean was very picturesque. Looking forward to the next trip.

Graeme Oakley, Sardinia-Corsica New Zealand June 27, 2016

Another great tour with Ralph and his team. I'm becoming a big fan! Just keep up the good work!  Antonio, Ricardo and Rene were excellent. Each in their own ways expert, obliging and helpful, which was a real delight. You just felt that nothing was a problem, whatever it might be. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the

Matt Lancaster, Portugal Bike & Golf New Zealand June 27, 2016

I loved the golf addition on the Portugal trip. I thought the whole adventure was a very special experience, as usual. Just getting away from home and having fun in some exotic new places with a whole bunch of old and new friends is special.

Tom Pryde, Portugal Bike & Golf New Zealand June 27, 2016

The Portugal golf / bike trip was a winner. It is a great combination. The courses were excellent - right up there with the best and the hire equipment was excellent. Great hotels, the food and service was memorable as was the destination. It went without a hitch.

Todd and Marion Heller, Portugal Bike & Golf New Zealand June 27, 2016

The tours I went on (both with a smaller group) were mainly based away from the massive commercial tourism, which I loved. (Although Machu Picchu was impressive to complete our tour with!). We admired the Sacred Valley, stunning numbers Inca ruins, peaceful areas, interacted with local people, accessed by boat the wonderful Amazon Rain Forest, and majestic beauty of the environment we were travelling thru. "Life's too short, tick that bucket list, have fun and take part in an adventure."

Julie James, Peru New Zealand November 10, 2015

The tour guides and all crew made the experience exceptional. We chose this tour so that I had the option of either the Ebike or ordinary and ended up deciding each day which I would choose depending on the climbs.

Kate Williams New Zealand February 14, 2015

The tour was a real adventure, something that you put down as a life time experience. The guides were fantastic, very knowledgeable and always helpful.

Jane Powell February 14, 2015

"The bike tour was excellent, Klaus was an excellent guide and New Zealand is really well geared for riding around the country. All the rides were scenic and challenging.

Nina Reid Canada February 14, 2015

I've been on three amazing cycling tours with Global Adventure Guide. They have all had their own distinct characteristics — different cultures, history, food and landscapes.

Dr. Cathy Scott New Zealand February 14, 2015

The trip exceeded my expections and we all loved Hoa. He was perfect for our group! Even the things out of our control (weather, flights being on time, etc) went perfect.

Kymberly Lehenbauer USA February 14, 2015

We had a fabulous trip! Everything was perfect from the Captain, Crew, Tour Guides, cabins, food, bikes, cycling itinerary and combination of guests. This was our very best holiday to date!!

Carol Canada February 14, 2015

Great cycling, great itinerary, great guide, great time!

Graham Australia February 14, 2015

It was a fantastic trip! The support team was by far the best I ever had… The food was excellent, great healthy and tasty snacks, good instructions about culture and country, always smiling!...

Birgit Kley Germany February 14, 2015

Croatia Biking Tour

This is a thank you and a huge recommendation to anyone interested in seeing Croatia the way we did with Global Adventure Guide. Everything about our trip in September was perfect, the boat, the guides, the food, the riding and Croatia itself was awesome. Our global adventure was brilliant!!

Ros New Zealand February 14, 2015

As a pair of non cycling pensioners we were rather worried that we had committed ourselves to something that we might regret.

Jim Anglem New Zealand February 14, 2015

The people were wonderful - so friendly, the children would run from far in the fields to see us on our bikes for lots of high 5's. The game drives were amazing, we saw so much in Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara...I loved Tanzania and this experience got me out of my comfort zone

Murray Booth New Zealand February 14, 2015

We enjoyed the friendship and encouragement of like-minded bikers and our safety was never compromised. This certainly was a life-changing trip for us and seldom a day passes that we do not reflect on our experiences.

Jackie & John New Zealand February 14, 2015

A very special challenging 3 weeks spent in a gorgeous part of the world with awesome company. To quote the feelers "It's as good as it gets".

Pete Richards New Zealand February 14, 2015

Fantastic trip. Cycling the HCM trail was superb. We understand many of the cycling trips are only down the southern coastal route but the northern sector from HaNoi down the HCM trail is a must. Highly recommend Global Adventure.

Ross New Zealand February 14, 2015

Great trip. Loved it

Denis and Keryn New Zealand February 14, 2015

Both were beautiful and everything I could have hoped for in an alps climb. On the second to last day

Matthew Rowland USA February 14, 2015

It was a fantastic trip - our guides were the best ever - we could not have been better looked after & they were so much fun - we all thought of them as friends by the end of the trip - we just hope they come to NZ some day, so we can show them Kiwi hospitality here!

Debbie Goodall New Zealand February 14, 2015

...we had a safe and very enjoyable adventure holiday. It could not have been better!

Vance Yeomans USA February 14, 2015

Croatia Biking Tour

The overall experience was wonderful. A mix of fantastic scenery, daily exertion on the bikes, excellent tour guides who blended history ,geography and language with ensuring all participants were treated well.

Kees and Monica Haverkamp Australia February 14, 2015

Best trip I have ever had!!

Duncan Reid New Zealand February 14, 2015

This was a fantastic cycling experience on par with cycling the south island of New Zealand from Bluff to Picton. The entire ride was enveloped in the French Alps - fantastic vistas and villages.

Sue Rowland USA December 22, 2014

Had the best holiday I have had in many years and would recommend to all my cycling friends as a "must do"

Juanita Australia December 19, 2014

I don’t care where we go, just give me an experience somewhere nice twice a year

Brian New Zealand December 19, 2014