Conquer thin air and what you may think are your limitations with this amazing Tibet biking tour. It'll be a big test of your fitness. Many say it's life-changing. Global Cycling Adventures' expert care will have you riding safely.

There's time to explore exuberant Kathmandu, visit gompas (Buddhist monasteries) and enjoy some Tibetan cuisine. And the highlight of course: the North Face Everest Base Camp.

It's an epic climb and an epic tour — at 22 days, it's our longest. Plenty of time is built in to acclimatise on the way. You'll stay in comfort everywhere you go, even if it's a tent site at high altitude. An attentive crew will take care of your needs, and there'll be world-class provisions available. Another unforgettable element: the warmth and friendliness of the Tibetan people.

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