Lifestyle Tours

Lifestyle holidays are all about a little luxury and a gentle pace. There's a balance between time cycling and time for sightseeing! Whatever your destination, you'll be a world away from the stresses of life. Accommodation tends to be in small boutique hotels, motels and guest houses, with a personal touch. In some tours you'll stay in a beautiful ensuite cabin on board a boat! According to each tour there's time for special interests and activities such as yoga, golf, fly-fishing and wine tasting. Come with us on a laid-back journey of discovery.



  • Saigon to Bangkok by Bicycle - 14 Days

    Lifestyle Cycling Tour of Southeast Asia 14 DaysSaigon to Bangkok
    Take a tour in three of Southeat Asia's most diverse and fascinating countries.
    Best Travel Times: January - March & May - December
    • Lifestyle
    from $5213 NZD
    Saigon to Bangkok Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Europe


  • Kvarner Bay Bike and Sail

    Lifestyle Biking Tour Croatia 8 DaysOmisalj to Omisalj
    Go island-hopping in the sparkling Adriatic, travelling by bike and boat.
    Best Travel Times: May - June / September
    • Lifestyle
    from $2810 NZD
  • South Dalmatia Bike and Sail

    Lifestyle Biking Tour Croatia 8 DaysTrogir to Trogir
    Explore the countless islands and coast of central and southern Dalmatia - one of the most sparsely populated regions of Croatia!
    Best Travel Times: April - October
    • Lifestyle
    from $2457 NZD
    Croatia - South Dalmatia Bike & Sail Tour
  • Highlights of Dalmatia Bike & Sail

    Split to Dubrovnik or vv 8 DaysSplit to Dubrovnik
    Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site cities of Dubrovnik and Split. Visit the islands of Hvar, Korcula, Mljet and Brač.
    Best Travel Times: May - October
    • Lifestyle
    from $2810 NZD
    Dalmatia Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Greece

  • Greece Bike and Sail Tour (Ionian Islands)

    Lifestyle Cycling Tour Greece 8 DaysCorfu to Corfu
    Discover the idyllic Ionian islands from your bike and a 2-masted yacht.
    Best Travel Times: April - June / September - October
    • Lifestyle
    from $3340 NZD
    Greece Bike and Sail Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Portugal

  • Portugal Bike and Golf Tour - 14 Days

    European Lifestyle Tour 14 DaysFaro via Lisbon to Porto
    Portugal offers some of the world’s best-designed golf courses, with idyllic settings and a sublime climate.
    Best Travel Times: May - August
    • Lifestyle
    from $10383 NZD
    Portugal Bike & Golf Lifestyle Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Germany

  • Oberstdorf to Budapest E-Bike Tour

    Lifestyle Cycling Tour 14 DaysOberstdorf to Budapest
    Saddle up for the tour of a lifetime, road cycling through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.
    Best Travel Times: May - September
    • Lifestyle
    from $7052 NZD
    Oberstdorf to Budapest eBike Tour
  • New Zealand

  • South Island E-bike Trail Tour

    Explore New Zealand By E-bike 11 DaysChristchurch to Christchurch
    World famous kiwi hospitality and an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience on this 10-day E-bike tour of the South Islands cycle trails!
    Best Travel Times: October to April
    • Lifestyle
    from $5749 NZD
  • South America


  • Northern Argentina Bike Tour

    The Salta Region 10 DaysSalta to Jujuy
    This 10 day mountain bike tour in northern Argentina explores the fascinating landscapes around the Salta region
    • Lifestyle
    from $6037 NZD
  • Costa Rica & Panama

  • Costa Rica & Panama Cycling Adventure

    14 Day Biking Tour 14 DaysLiberia (Costa Rica) to Panama City
    Join us in unspoiled Costa Rica and fascinating Panama on our Central American cycling tour.
    • Lifestyle
    from $9233 NZD