Lifestyle Tours

Lifestyle holidays are all about a little luxury and a gentle pace. There's a balance between time cycling and time for sightseeing! Whatever your destination, you'll be a world away from the stresses of life. Accommodation tends to be in small boutique hotels, motels and guest houses, with a personal touch. In some tours you'll stay in a beautiful ensuite cabin on board a boat! According to each tour there's time for special interests and activities such as yoga, golf, fly-fishing and wine tasting. Come with us on a laid-back journey of discovery.



  • Saigon to Bangkok by Bicycle - 14 Days

    Lifestyle Cycling Tour of Southeast Asia 14 DaysSaigon to Bangkok
    Take a tour in three of Southeat Asia's most diverse and fascinating countries.
    Best Travel Times: January - March & May - December
    • Lifestyle
    from $5895 NZD
    Saigon to Bangkok Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Europe


  • Kvarner Bay PLUS Bike and Sail

    Lifestyle Biking Tour Croatia 8 DaysOmisalj to Omisalj
    Go island-hopping in the sparkling Adriatic, travelling by bike and boat.
    Best Travel Times: May - June / September
    • Lifestyle
    from $3407 NZD
  • South Dalmatia Bike and Sail

    Lifestyle Biking Tour Croatia 8 DaysTrogir to Trogir
    Explore the countless islands and coast of central and southern Dalmatia - one of the most sparsely populated regions of Croatia!
    Best Travel Times: April - October
    • Lifestyle
    from $3047 NZD
    Croatia - South Dalmatia Bike & Sail Tour
  • Highlights of Dalmatia Bike & Sail

    Split to Dubrovnik or vv 8 DaysSplit to Dubrovnik
    Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site cities of Dubrovnik and Split. Visit the islands of Hvar, Korcula, Mljet and Brač.
    Best Travel Times: May - October
    • Lifestyle
    from $3407 NZD
    Dalmatia Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • France

  • Provence & Carmargue by Bike & Barge

    Guided Lifestyle Cycling Tour 8 DaysAvignon to Aigues Mortes
    We'll cycle each morning after breakfast, and meet the boat later in the day for dinner. In the evenings, stroll through historic towns before settling in your cabin, on-board your comfortable boat. The tour offers an easy to moderate (guided or non guided) cycling challenge on country roads.
    Best Travel Times: May - June / September - October
    • Lifestyle
    from $2740 NZD
    Cycling tour of Provence | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Greece

  • Greece Bike and Sail Tour (Ionian Islands)

    Lifestyle Cycling Tour Greece 8 DaysCorfu to Corfu
    Discover the idyllic Ionian islands from your bike and a 2-masted yacht.
    Best Travel Times: April - June / September - October
    • Lifestyle
    from $3587 NZD
    Greece Bike and Sail Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Italy

  • Sicily 13 Day Lifestyle Tour

    13 DaysPalermo to Catania
    Sicily’s rich tapestry of culture and history will take centre stage. We've handpicked charming hotels in just four spots (Palermo, Trapani, Noto, and Taormina), giving you the perfect base to explore this captivating island.
    • Lifestyle
    from $8743 NZD
  • Portugal

  • Portugal Bike and Golf Tour - 14 Days

    European Lifestyle Tour 14 DaysFaro via Lisbon to Porto
    Portugal offers some of the world’s best-designed golf courses, with idyllic settings and a sublime climate.
    Best Travel Times: May - August
    • Lifestyle
    from $10591 NZD
    Portugal Bike & Golf Lifestyle Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Germany

  • Oberstdorf to Budapest E-Bike Tour

    Lifestyle Cycling Tour 14 DaysOberstdorf to Budapest
    Saddle up for the tour of a lifetime, road cycling through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.
    Best Travel Times: May - September
    • Lifestyle
    from $7193 NZD
    Oberstdorf to Budapest eBike Tour
  • New Zealand

  • South Island E-bike Trail Tour

    Explore New Zealand By E-bike 11 DaysChristchurch to Christchurch
    World famous kiwi hospitality and an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience on this 10-day E-bike tour of the South Islands cycle trails!
    Best Travel Times: October to April
    • Lifestyle
  • South America


  • Northern Argentina Bike Tour

    The Salta Region 10 DaysSalta to Jujuy
    This 10 day mountain bike tour in northern Argentina explores the fascinating landscapes around the Salta region
    • Lifestyle
    from $6046 NZD
  • Costa Rica & Panama

  • Costa Rica & Panama Cycling Adventure

    14 Day Biking Tour 14 DaysLiberia (Costa Rica) to Panama City
    Join us in unspoiled Costa Rica and fascinating Panama on our Central American cycling tour.
    • Lifestyle
    from $9246 NZD