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We don't currently have scheduled dates for this tour, however please let us know you're interested and when you'd like to go and we will endeavour to provide you with a tour to meet your needs.


    Sardinia & Corsica guided e-bike tour

    e-bike Tour - 13 Days from $7701 NZD
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    Contact us for more info about Sardinia & Corsica guided e-bike tour

    We don't currently have scheduled dates for this tour, however please let us know you're interested and when you'd like to go and we will endeavour to provide you with a tour to meet your needs.


      Sardinia and Corsica — two beautiful islands, two countries, three ferry crossings, a mix of several unique cultures and of course great cycling. An e-bike trip not to be missed!

      On our journey along the western shorelines of both islands, we have blended Tour de France stages with rides for anyone to enjoy.

      This itinerary offers great cycling but also plenty of opportunities for relaxation! We stay two nights at most hotels, with many being close to the beach. You can cycle shorter or longer distances as preferred and on ‘loop’ days you are always welcome to skip a ride and spend time exploring the local sights or soaking up the Mediterranean climate on dreamy beaches.

      13 Days
      • 2024
      • 2025
      • Best time to travel: May-Oct
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      Reviews for Sardinia & Corsica guided e-bike tour - Tour

      Sardinia to Corsica Cycling Tour

      Ajaccio to Calvi was one of the best road rides I've done anywhere, Excellent mountain roads, well graded climbs, coupled with great scenery, through a world heritage area & overlooking the Mediterranean.
      The Sardinian Island of San Pietro was nice riding and very interesting from a traditional cultural perspective.
      Robert, our guide was extremely helpful and looked after the riders very well. He was attentive but still allowed us to do our own thing. VERY safety conscious which is crucial.

      July 2, 2017

      Sardinia to Corsica Cycling Tour

      The whole thing was special for us, we had a great time. Great group of people.

      Eddie & Anita Corrigan July 10, 2016

      Sardinia to Corsica Cycling Tour

      Excellent tour great to have 2 days at some places! Good mates and loads of fun! Rene was amazing - seems to really enjoy seeing the regular faces, always cheerful and ready to help!

      Helene Hudson, Sardinia-Corsica New Zealand June 27, 2016

      Sardinia to Corsica Cycling Tour

      I thought the Island of Corsica was the highlight. Cycling predominately near the coastline,and the deep blue of the Mediteranean was very picturesque. Looking forward to the next trip.

      Graeme Oakley, Sardinia-Corsica New Zealand June 27, 2016

      Sardinia to Corsica Cycling Tour

      As a Lifestyler I would have liked longer rides but I do understand that it is hard to cater for a number of different riders.

      Jenny Moreton June 23, 2016

      Sardinia to Corsica

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      • Group size: min 4
      • EUR1500 single room surcharge (subject to change)
      • EUR325 e-bike hire
      • EUR210 hybrid/touring bike hire
      • This tour is invoiced in EURO
      The cultures of the two islands are many and varied. Both islands have been very independent from their respective mainlands (France for Corsica, and Italy for Sardinia). They have developed their own languages, cuisines, architecture and cultural identities, shaped by the great empires that have attempted to rule the Mediterranean over the last 3000 years. Sardinia is the geologically most ancient landmass of Europe, and both islands have been continuously settled since the Mesolithic era (10,000–5,000 BC). In Sardinia from about 1500 BC onwards, villages were built around round tower-fortresses called nuraghi. There are many excavations of the nuraghic civilisation that can be visited on the island and on our tour. On this trip we focus on the more rugged — and sometimes wetter — west coasts of the two islands. The coastal rides are spectacular, and often feature wild mountains in the hinterland. It is not surprising that a land as old as Sardinia was searched for minerals and coal from the earliest times of human civilisation. Interesting 18th and 19th century mine sites can be visited on our tour — yet another point of difference on this already diverse cycling experience. Have we mentioned the beaches? I guess you’ll just have to come and see them for yourself!

      Full Itinerary

      DAY 1

      Arrival: Cagliari (Sardinia)

      No cycling

      Welcome to Cagliari, Sardinia. The best way to travel to the tour starting place of Cagliari is by air. The airport (located about 7 km from the town centre) is serviced by a number of different airlines. In the evening, you will have time to explore Cagliari, the powerhouse of Sardinia (population about 150,000). The city’s first settlement dates back 5000 years so there is much to see — indeed, it’s worth arriving a day or two early to spend extra time here. Check your guidebook for a full description.

      Meals: Dinner

      DAY 2

      Cagliari to Carloforte

      Cycling: up to 79 km or ~100 km

      Today starts with a 50 km van transfer from your hotel to Chia. Once in Chia, there will be time for a bike fitting before our first ride. Your first day is spectacular: you will ride along craggy cliffs with ancient fortified watchtowers, alternating with sandy coves and long stretches of beach. The terrain will be undulating until we reach Teulada Harbour. The crystalline water has a Caribbean feel, but the Mediterranean vegetation, particularly the juniper trees (Ginepro), reminds you that you are in Sardinia. Our cycling destination today is the picturesque fisherman village of Carloforte on the island of San Pietro. Before arriving at the minor islands, you will be greeted by pink flamingos near the salt mines just before entering the town of Sant’Antioco, located on the first minor island of the same name. Sant’Antioco is linked to the mainland by a short bridge and an isthmus alongside a Roman bridge. Here, you can admire Roman ruins, a necropolis with catacombs, and the lovely promenade in front of the harbour. Before taking the ferry to the second minor island of San Pietro, be sure to visit the charming village of Calasetta, known as the white town. As the ferry arrives at Carloforte, you will be greeted by a major harbour filled with sailing and fishing boats. Carloforte is a peaceful and quiet Genovese-style village, yet it is a thriving community offering all amenities with a lively and friendly atmosphere. The town is known for its local delicacies. The locals speak an old Genovese dialect, as it was colonised by Genovese families who fled from Libya as refugees in the 1700s.

      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

      DAY 3

      San Pietro Island

      Cycling: 43 km

      Today, we start cycling from the hotel on a loop ride around Carloforte. Enjoy the openness of this minor island as you traverse its wild, rugged landscape, seemingly in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The island’s geologic makeup and atmosphere take you back in time, making you feel like a true explorer. Stop by the multiple beaches and cliffs, such as Cala Fico and Capo Sandalo with its magnificent lighthouse, for breathtaking views of the open sea and the scent of the Mediterranean. Once back in Carloforte, the local restaurants await with appetising seafood-based menus, renowned for their tuna and other seafood dishes, paired with the fine wines of Sulcis.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 4

      Carloforte to Guspini

      Cycling: 48 km or up to ~82 km

      Today starts on the water with a pleasant 30-minute ferry ride from Carloforte to Portoscuso. From the port, we begin our ride, passing through the village of Gonnesa before tackling the fantastic uphill climb to Nebida. Here, you’ll be treated to views of Pan di Zucchero, a 133-metre high outcropping rock with two natural arches. Originally, all the villages in this area were created as mining settlements. Our ride continues along the coast, offering stunning views of long sandy beaches and rugged promontories that connect the mining towns dotting the coastline. After 14 km, we’ll face the winding and scenic hills of Monte Cidro, a natural pass that leads towards Arbus and Montevecchio, both old mining villages. As you climb and cross the pass, be sure to take in the natural beauty of the landscape, filled with cork oak and juniper growing between jagged granite stones. After reaching the pass, enjoy the downhill ride into Arbus. The mine of Montevecchio is now an important site of industrial archaeology, part of the Geominerario Storico parks and a UNESCO World Heritage site. After reaching Montevecchio, we’ll enjoy a winding and scenic downhill ride into the town of Guspini.

      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

      DAY 5

      Guspini to Santa Caterina di Pittinuri

      Cycling: 60 km or ~90 km

      We have the option to cycle from the hotel or take a van transfer to the Oristano Gulf area. If we start from the hotel (a 90 km option), we will ride inland, passing through the many fields that characterise the territory to reach the old fisherman village of Marceddì (the start of the 60 km option). From here, we continue cycling through a mixture of flat and gently rolling terrain to the fertile farmland area of Arborea. After a stop to admire the architectural beauties of Oristano, we’ll get back in the saddle, cycling past many Punic and Roman ruins. We’ll also enjoy the crystalline water and sandy beaches of this area, including a visit to the famous natural arch in S’Archittu. Here, you can relax and enjoy a light lunch in front of the sea. Our final destination today is Santa Caterina di Pittinuri, a picturesque seaside village surrounded by serene beaches overlooking the coast of Montiferru, in the central-western part of Sardinia. The village is located on spectacular cliffs, encircled by the green elevations of Montiferru, with the sixteenth-century tower of Pittinuri standing on a promontory to the north of the village, which gave it its name.

      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

      DAY 6

      Santa Caterina di Pittinuri to Alghero

      Cycling: 80 km

      Today’s ride starts from your hotel. Heading north from Santa Caterina, we’ll ride inland, immersing ourselves in the unique Mediterranean bush, characterised by medium-height shrubs and trees with small, leathery, and shiny leaves. We cycle along a coastal road to Bosa, where we will stop for lunch. After lunch, we’ll pedal along the coast, encountering beautiful, unspoiled beaches and wild landscapes. The scenery here is breathtaking. Our destination today is Alghero, a lively and pretty city that is a flourishing tourist attraction. Alghero is a unique Mediterranean and medieval citadel, known for being a coastal Coral Riviera. Its seabed is one of the richest in coral fauna in the world. The city’s many shops, bars, and restaurants are a constant reminder of this special ‘gemstone,’ with decorations featuring characteristic red, pink, and sky-blue jewels.

      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

      DAY 7

      Alghero to Capo Caccia

      Cycling: 53 km

      Leaving the charming city of Alghero and heading north, we ride through the stunning Vermentino wine region. In this area, known as Nurra, the wind blows directly from the northwest, preventing plants from growing more than a few metres tall. Today, we have the opportunity to visit Capo Caccia, a place of calcareous rocks scattered with caves and ravines, hiding a mysterious world above the turquoise sea. The Punta di Giglio and Capo Caccia area is an underwater cave paradise. Here, the Grotta di Nettuno, located beneath the Capo Caccia promontory, can be reached by sea or by descending the many steps of the Escala dei Caribol, which drops some 110 metres. These caverns are made even more atmospheric by the presence of stalactites and stalagmites.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 8

      Alghero to Castelsardo

      Cycling: up to 71 km

      Today begins with a 70 km van transfer from your hotel to the medieval town of Castelsardo. This well-preserved town, perched high above the sea, has been protected from attacks and destruction due to its advantageous geographical position. From Castelsardo, we’ll start cycling on a pleasant rollercoaster ride with numerous rolling hills. We’ll pass through several villages, offering plenty of opportunities for coffee stops. After about 52 km, we’ll aim for Vignola Mare for a lunch stop at the beach. Depending on our timing, we’ll either ride or transfer the final 25 km to Santa Teresa Gallura, the ferry port to Corsica located at the northern tip of Sardinia. This afternoon, a one-hour ferry ride will take us to Bonifacio. It’s fitting to arrive here by ship to fully appreciate its impressive natural harbour. Bonifacio, built by the Genoese, has a rich history. It’s a fascinating place to explore, with its busy marina filled with luxury yachts and streets lined with chic bars and restaurants.

      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

      DAY 9

      Bonifacio to Porto Vecchio

      Cycling: up to 58 km

      Today, we start cycling from your hotel. Leaving Bonifacio, perched atop dramatic limestone cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, we begin our ride along winding coastal roads with breathtaking views of the turquoise waters below. The rugged coastline is punctuated by hidden coves and pristine beaches, offering ample opportunities to stop and admire the natural beauty. As we pedal inland, the landscape transitions to rolling hills dotted with fragrant maquis shrubland. The air is filled with the scent of wild herbs, including thyme, rosemary, and lavender, enhancing the sensory experience of our journey. The scenery is interspersed with ancient stone walls and rustic farmhouses, providing glimpses of traditional Corsican life. Arriving in Porto Vecchio, we’ll be greeted by a picturesque harbour bustling with activity. The town’s historic centre is a maze of narrow alleys and charming squares, dotted with cafes and boutiques. Enjoy a free lunch in the old town. After lunch, we’ll meet again with our guides for a van transfer back to Bonifacio.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 10

      Bonifacio to Propriano

      Cycling: 68 km

      Today, we start cycling from your hotel, heading northeast from Bonifacio towards our destination in Propriano. This ride will be amazing, featuring white sandy beaches and wild landscapes. The route is flat along the sea, allowing us to admire beautiful and long stretches of coastline. We have the option to stop for lunch along the way or in Sartene, about 50 km into our journey. Propriano, with its fascinating history of pirate attacks in the 18th century, is now a safe and picturesque tourist haven.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 11

      Propriano to Porticcio

      Cycling: up to 55 km

      Today’s ride starts from your hotel. Leaving Propriano, we’ll pedal along coastal roads with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The azure waters contrast beautifully with the rugged coastline, where towering cliffs and golden beaches create a dramatic backdrop for our ride. Fragrant herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and myrtle perfume the air, adding to the sensory experience of the journey. Along the way, we’ll pass through charming villages where traditional stone houses cling to the hillsides, offering glimpses of Corsican culture and heritage. The coastal road offers panoramic vistas of the sparkling sea and rugged cliffs, inviting us to stop and admire the natural beauty. Arriving in Porticcio, we’ll be greeted by the bustling waterfront lined with cafes and restaurants. The town’s sandy beaches and palm-lined promenades provide the perfect spot to relax and unwind after our ride, with views of the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea providing a fitting end to our journey.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 12

      Porticcio Coti Chiavari

      Cycling: up to 55 km

      Today, we start our cycling journey from your hotel. Leaving Porticcio, we’ll pedal along coastal roads bordered by rugged cliffs and golden beaches, with stunning views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The scent of saltwater and the sound of crashing waves create an invigorating atmosphere as we begin our ride. The winding roads offer glimpses of verdant valleys and rolling hillsides, providing a picturesque backdrop. We’ll traverse through charming villages nestled amidst olive groves and vineyards. The countryside is alive with vibrant wildflowers and the chirping of birds, offering a peaceful ambience for us to enjoy. Upon arriving in Propriano, we’ll be greeted by a bustling waterfront lined with cafes and restaurants. The sandy beaches and palm-lined promenades provide the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a rewarding day of cycling. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, we’ll enjoy a fitting end to our ride. We will then meet with our guides for a van transfer to Ajaccio. Alternatively, you can choose to take a public ferry, arriving just in front of the old city in Ajaccio.

      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

      DAY 13

      Departure from Calvi

      No cycling

      Today we say goodbye, au revoir, and arrivederci. We sincerely hope that you had the trip of your lifetime on this scenic journey through the two islands of Sardinia and Corsica. Over the last 12 days we have travelled way back in time and have crossed many culturally distinct areas. We hope to see you back again on another riding adventure with us in the future. You may wish to stay on in this ancient and fascinating city.

      Meals: Breakfast

      Tour Inclusions and Exclusions:

      Tour Includes:

      • 12 nights in 3–4 star hotels (double or twin share)
      • Meals listed: 12 x breakfasts, 7 x picnic lunches,  7 x dinners
      • Support vehicle: size of vehicle dependent on group size
      • Driver/guide (group size 4-8), additional cycling guide (group size 9+)
      • All ferry crossings listed in the itinerary
      • Drinking water while cycling
      • Route maps and GPS files

      Tour Excludes:

      • International and domestic flights or airport taxes
      • Passport and travel visa (if required)
      • Arrival and departure transfers
      • e-bike hire (extra cost)
      • Optional activity costs
      • Personal expenses and drinks (except water while cycling)
      • Travel insurance
      • Tips for guide(s) and support crew.