Come biking in La Bella Italia with Global Cycling Adventures. Take in the art, culture and architecture with beautiful, relaxing Italy cycling tours. Although relaxing, there's still ample cycling to burn off the pizza, pasta and gelati, however! For a high-octane challenge: conquer the Italian alps by road cycle on world-famous climbs. Italy is one of the world's best holiday destinations, whatever your interests. Traveling by bike gets you places a tour bus never will. Avoid the rat race, take gorgeous back roads, and get right up close to everything you want to see. In the Italian Alps, bike in the wheel tracks of the world's greats. If those legs are getting weary or you want to take in the view more sedately, our back-up van will be there for you. We've taken great care to choose great accommodation for you, so you can relax in comfort after your day's biking.


  • Sardinia & Corsica Guided Cycling Tour

    Road Cycling Tour - 13 Days 13 DaysSardinia to Corsica
    Sardinia and Corsica — two islands, two countries and a mix of many unique cultures. A bike trip not to be missed!
    Best Travel Times: May-August
    • Road Cycling
    from $5900 NZD
    Global Cycling Adventures - Sardinia Corsica Cycling Tour
  • Sardinia: Lifestyle Biking & Gourmet Tour

    Sardinia Active Gourmet Tour 7 DaysAlghero to Cagliari
    Sardinia Active Gourmet - a bike tour that combines cycling and the culinary arts.
    Best Travel Times: May-June / Sept-October
    • Lifestyle
    from $4486 NZD
    Global Cycling Adventures - Sardinia Gourmet Tour
  • Italy: Tuscany to Rome Lifestyle Cycling Tour

    Via Romea Francigena - Tuscany to Rome (guided) 9 DaysTuscany to Rome
    Trace the steps of the Via Romea Francigena, an ancient route between the northern regions of Europe and the south, carrying merchants, armies and pilgrims from as far as Canterbury to Rome and on to Jerusalem
    Best Travel Times: May - September
    • Lifestyle
    from $3064 NZD
    Italy Lifestyle Cycling Tour | Global Cycling Adventures