Tour de France: Days 1 & 2

Posted by: admin | Saturday 14 June 2014 09:34 pm No Comments

Day 1 First day of the tour proper today. It’s a small time trial of 16 km around the town. Poitiers is an interesting place with the main attraction being Futurscope, a fun park with 1.9 million people visiting a year. We have been for a walk and seen many car parks and the back of buildings. Being Sunday everything is closed. There is meant to be a fantastic bike shop having a sale but we will need to find it tomorrow. It’s largely a day of rest before the second day of 100 kms. ~Bruce

Day 2 Well what a day – 116 kms and it was fantastic. Great to turn the legs over on a longer ride. The weather was perfect, sunny with just a little cloud cover and a slight breeze. The scenery was rolling farmland with beautiful villages. We are back in Poitiers which is something strange for the tour as we do not stay in many places twice on this trip. We had morning coffee at a quaint village that really stressed the owner as more and more cyclists appeared and he and his wife were the only ones to serve. Traffic is sparse and the roads creamy smooth. This just a dream and the company unbelievably perfect. Off to tea. ~Bruce