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The beauty of Electric Bikes.

Posted by: admin | Friday 19 May 2017 05:40 pm No Comments

You know those times dream of adventure but the physical barriers are just too great. Those days are gone! Electric wheels are the newest and most exciting trend, taking the cycling world by storm. A very unobtrusive motor, powered by

A land of happiness! Tips on touring Bhutan

Posted by: admin | Wednesday 03 May 2017 03:34 pm No Comments

Join us for a Bhutan biking adventure – Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan is a landlocked kingdom bounded by two of the world’s largest nations: To the north by China and to the south, east and west by India, it is a Himalayan kingdom where a traditional Buddhist culture embraces modern development.

Our Top Tour Pick for 2017 – Norway!

Posted by: admin | Monday 20 March 2017 02:52 pm No Comments

Before you consider sun, sand and surf for your next holiday location – consider the mystical land of Norway! Norway is a once in a life time destination – the core of it’s appeal is remarkably simple: this is one

Our top tips for the oldest pilgrim route through Spain, The Camino de Santiago!

Posted by: admin | Friday 10 March 2017 02:02 pm No Comments

Jacobs Trail, the Camino de Santiago or the St James Way; these are some of the many names for this famous pilgrim route.

Introducing B Corp – International Volunteer HQ

Posted by: admin | Tuesday 17 January 2017 12:28 pm No Comments

Introducing B Corp, International Volunteer HQ – Collectively, B Corps lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for goodTM. Through the power of their collective voice, one day all companies will compete to be best for the worldTM, and society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity for all.