Bicycle Spare Parts for your cycling holiday

Spare bike parts and tools to pack for your bicycle tour

Take it from us; you don’t need to be a bicycle mechanic to enjoy a cycle tour! Unfortunately, bike failures do happen, however, the good news is that with a little bit of planning many common faults such as broken spokes, flat tyres, brake pad replacement, bolt tightening can be fixed yourself without the need for an expert mechanic (or bike workshop).

We’ve compiled a list of spares and tools to pack in prepartion for your Global Cycling Adventures tour.

All Bikes

  1. Spare derailleur hanger
  2. Brake pads – at least one set
  3. Spare brake cable
  4. Spare gear cable
  5. Spare spokes – two of each for the size of your bike
  6. Chain lubricant
  7. Spare tubes – at least two
  8. Spare tire – Kevlar beads can help reduce the space required compared to standard steel beaded tires which is helpful on cycling holidays when space is required
  9. Tire levers
  10. Patch kit
  11. Pump
  12. Bicycle Multi-tool

Mountain Bikes

  1. Shock pump
  2. Brake pads – an additional spare set (minimum two spare sets altogether for your cycling holiday)

Optional additional bike parts

  • Spare derailleur jockey wheels
  • No matter how long, or how short your cycling holiday. It always pays to be prepared. If you have any questions regarding the above list then please contact us.