The beauty of Electric Bikes.

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You know those times dream of adventure but the physical barriers are just too great. Those days are gone!

Electric wheels are the newest and most exciting trend, taking the cycling world by storm.

A very unobtrusive motor, powered by battery is installed by the rear wheel of bikes. It only works as you pedal, so this is no free ride but gives you as much (or little) assistance as you are after. A super cyclist you will be!

Global Cycling Adventures recently took a 70 year old man on an E-bike on one of their 44 day tours.


Stick together.

E-bikes allows you to stick with companions who may not normally be at the same level. Often we see couples that bike together but struggle because one is more advanced than the other. E-wheels make for the perfect solution, levelling the playing field and making everyone feel equal. It gives riders that would possibly exhaust themselves trying to keep up a sense of empowerment. 


Blend on in

If you don’t want to to be seen to be any different e-wheels are fantastic because you can hardly tell the difference. With a water bottle cage disguise that houses your battery no one will know. And they are light, so you won’t be impaired in any way.

An opening to get active!

If you’re new to biking or have been out of action for a while it can be difficult to get back on the seat. E-wheels are a fantastic solution, they help for a more seamless transition, opening a door to a whole new lifestyle.

Hells bells with the opportunity to get e-mountain bikes the opportunities from here are endless.


Keep the cycling going!

If you’re keen to keep the adventure going but time is not on your side e-bikes are a great way to keep in shape while being kinder on your body. This can allow for an extra 10-15 years of adventure!

It can be the difference between putting parts of the world on your bucket list and not.

Health benefits

The health benefits of e-biking are backed up by the results of a study conducted by the University of Colorado. Researchers gave a group of out-of-shape men and women electric bikes to ride to work each day. A month later the riders were healthier with significantly greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, and less body fat. Significantly, they all reported they had loved the experience and found it fun.

Here are case studies show three seniors who regained their health from riding e-bikes.


Bringing e-bikes into everyday life.

It’s time to get e-commuting. E-Bikes are a great way to ditch the car and get active! Reduce your time on daily commute, and carbon footprint as well as parking costs. Just 10c worth of electricity will have you travelling 100km on an e-bike, reducing your carbon footprint significantly compared to a car.
If you need any more convincing head down to your local bike store to test out this wonderful invention!

Global cycling adventures offers e-bikes on most of their worldwide tours. Please get in touch if you have any further questions on e-bikes.