Road Cycling Tours

Join Global Adventure Guide for some of the world's best road cycling tours where the kilometers will fly by as you take in spectacular scenery. There are a variable daily distances to suit a range of fitnesses and skill levels. Non-riding partners are also welcome on most trips. Tours are fully supported with local guides and a back-up vehicle. You'll stay in great accommodation and sample local cuisine.



  • Japan Cycling Tour

    Cycling Japan's Noto Peninsula 9 DaysKanazawa City to Takayama
    Japan is a cyclist's dream — a blend of ancient and modern, cities and rice paddies, forests, mountains, and to top it off: hot springs for aching muscles!
    Best Travel Times: May - September
    • Road Cycling
    from $5980 NZD
    Global Cycling Adventures - Japan Cycling Tour
  • Vietnam

  • Cycling Vietnam's Central Coast - 10 days

    Vietnam Cycling Tour 10 DaysHue to Nha Trang
    Capture an unforgettable snapshot of Vietnam’s shoreline with our tour of the Central Coast. Cycle iconic sandy-white beaches framed by coconut palms, with the sails of junks and sampans floating on the emerald green horizon of the South China Sea.
    • Road Cycling
    from $2990 NZD
  • Vietnam 17 Day Cycling Tour

    Saigon to Hanoi 17 DaysSaigon to Hanoi
    Join us on a 17-day bike adventure from the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh City, otherwise known as Saigon, up to Hanoi.
    • Road Cycling
    from $5268 NZD
  • Europe


  • Sardinia & Corsica Guided Cycling Tour

    Road Cycling Tour - 13 Days 13 DaysSardinia to Corsica
    Sardinia and Corsica — two islands, two countries and a mix of many unique cultures. A bike trip not to be missed!
    Best Travel Times: May-August
    • Road Cycling
    from $5905 NZD
    Global Cycling Adventures - Sardinia Corsica Cycling Tour
  • South America


  • Colombia Road Cycling Adventure

    13 Day Road Cycling Tour 13 DaysMedellín to Bogota
    Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in the world and a fantastic destination for cycling!
    • Road Cycling
    from $5168 NZD