South America

Come and explore the amazing sites of northern Argentina while under the expert care of local guides. You'll be enchanted by the fascinating landscapes of the Salta region while staying in high quality accommodation. If your small group is looking for some challenging mountain biking in South America, ask us about our Arica to La Paz tour starting at sea level in Chile and climbing all the way to Bolivia's high altitude capital city. You'll need to be fit but this tour also includes a huge 4400 m descent!

    South America


  • Northern Argentina Bike Tour

    The Salta Region 10 DaysSalta to Jujuy
    This 10 day mountain bike tour in northern Argentina explores the fascinating landscapes around the Salta region
    • Lifestyle
    from $5825 NZD
  • Colombia

  • Colombia Road Cycling Adventure

    13 Day Road Cycling Tour 13 DaysMedellín to Bogota
    Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in the world and a fantastic destination for cycling!
    • Road Cycling
    from $6977 NZD
  • Costa Rica & Panama

  • Costa Rica & Panama Cycling Adventure

    14 Day Biking Tour 14 DaysLiberia (Costa Rica) to Panama City
    Join us in unspoiled Costa Rica and fascinating Panama on our Central American cycling tour.
    • Lifestyle
    from $8908 NZD