Africa is the cradle of civilization, and cycling Africa is a special way to tour this ancient land. Get up and amongst the natural wonders, bustling cities, peaceful landscapes, people, and wildlife. We'll take you north, south, east and west — to Morocco, Jordan, Tanzania and South Africa — for very different experiences of this great continent. Head for the lowest spot on earth — Jordan's Dead Sea, or the foothills of Tanzania's Mt Kilimanjaro, teeming with wildlife. There's the idyllic spice island of Zanzibar, and South Africa's stunning capes and coastlines to bike down. Or take on the world with a mountain bike tour of Morocco's Central Atlas Highlands, and lose yourself in a souk or two. Whether you're staying in a Bedouin campsite or a Tanzanian tent, a guest house or a hotel, Global Cycling Adventures will make sure you're comfortable and brilliantly fed and watered throughout your African cycling tour.

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