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We don't currently have scheduled dates for this tour, however please let us know you're interested and when you'd like to go and we will endeavour to provide you with a tour to meet your needs.


    Tibet Mountain Bike Tour

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    Contact us for more info about Tibet Mountain Bike Tour

    We don't currently have scheduled dates for this tour, however please let us know you're interested and when you'd like to go and we will endeavour to provide you with a tour to meet your needs.


      TIBET IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO VISITORS.  We are hopeful it will reopen sometime in 2023.

      Experience amazing highs across the ‘roof of the world’ as you traverse the road  between Lhasa (Tibet) and Kathmandu (Nepal). There will be many highlights including a number of spectacular mountain passes and a detour to the Rongbuk Valley which lies beneath the North Face of Mount Everest. We spend a night at Everest Base Camp (5200 m) from where the unforgettable sight of this 8850m mighty peak is right in front of our eyes!

      This epic mountain bike challenge is also a life-changing introduction to Tibet, and Tibetan mysticism. Be charmed by the amazing people and admire the incredible scenery. You’ll stay in hotels and tents and will be fully supported by your guide, drivers and cooks.

      Reviews for Tibet Mountain Bike Tour - Tour

      Global Cycling Adventures - Tibet biking adventures

      Arriving at base camp in sunshine was just amazing. The bus ride from the China border to Nepal was an epic adventure in itself.

      Deane Moreton June 18, 2018

      Global Cycling Adventures - Tibet biking adventures

      Top notch, as good as it gets. A very special trip spreading the Kiwi love.

      Pete Richards October 24, 2017

      Global Cycling Adventures - Tibet biking adventures

      The Sherpas who cook in the camp are amazing...just perfect. Very lovely and friendly guides...Tibetan and Nepalese are lovely people...

      Dominik December 14, 2014

      Kathmandu to Kathmandu

      • High Altitude Cycling
      • Grade
      • 2023 dates & prices subject to change (Tibet is currently closed to visitors)
      • Minimum group size normally 8
      • USD490 single room surcharge
      • Own bike strongly recommended
      • This tour is invoiced in USD
      • Dates & prices subject to change
      The tour allows time to acclimatise to increasing altitudes. An experienced crew of guides, cooks and drivers from both Nepal and Tibet provide for a smooth operation. You'll also have the chance to try some Nepalese cuisine. Tours are available from April to October and are fully supported. You'll need to be fit: this is a challenging biking trip with 5—7 hours of riding per day at high altitude. Be sure you have clothes for all conditions. A highlight for many is that this tour brings them into contact with 3 religions: (Buddhism, Lamaism and Hinduism). You'll never forget the friendliness of the Tibetan people.

      Full Itinerary

      DAY 1

      Arrival Day: Kathmandu (1310 m altitude)

      No biking / Hotel accommodation

      Welcome to Kathmandu, Nepal's largest city and also its capital. The name of the city is synonymous with adventure, and this is where your adventure starts. We'll pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your hotel. The rest of the day is yours to explore or just relax in preparation for the journey ahead. IMPORTANT: arrival in Kathmandu must be by 11am today (to submit passports to the Chinese Embassy). Otherwise you must arrive a day earlier.

      Meals: None

      DAY 2


      No biking / Hotel accommodation

      A day's sightseeing in exuberant Kathmandu includes the glorious temples of Durbar (Palace) Square. Also, Swayambhunath — the city's iconic 1500 year old 'monkey temple' complex; and one of the world's holiest Buddhist chaityas. We'll see Boudhanath, a huge, colourful stupa, said to be the world's biggest. Buddha's all-seeing eyes feature on all 4 sides. Nearby: the Hindu temple of Lord Siva Pashupatinath, with its 2-tiered golden roof. This evening there will be a pre tour briefing and complimentary Welcome Dinner, with a cultural show at a traditional restaurant.

      Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

      DAY 3

      Kathmandu Valley

      Biking: ~35 km / Hotel accommodation

      This morning we’ll drive to Mutku before riding to Budhanilkantha through a variety of landscapes and terrain. At certain points there will be great views to the valley below and also to the surrounding high peaks. Later this afternoon we return to Kathmandu to repack your bikes and check your gear as tomorrow you fly to Lhasa. NOTE: passports will be collected from the Chinese Embassy this afternoon

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

      DAY 4

      Kathmandu to Lhasa

      No biking / Hotel accommodation

      Today you’ll soar across the highest mountains in the world during a morning flight to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, one of the highest cities in the world. Begin to adjust to the high altitude (3680 m) while exploring this legendary city, the ancient home of the Dalai Lamas. You'll stay in a Lhasa hotel for the next 3 nights.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 5


      No biking / Hotel accommodation

      There will be a full day of sightseeing while continuing to acclimatise. Firstly visit Dshokhang Temple (for many people its the most beautiful and sacred temple in Tibet), before exploring the famous local market. But the highlight of the day is undoubtedly a visit to the enormous Potala Palace, which dominates the city of Lhasa. This was the residence of the Dalai Lamas, until the present (14th) Dalai Lama fled during the 1959 Tibetan Uprising.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 6


      No biking / Hotel accommodation

      After a visit to the monastery of Drepung this morning, the afternoon is free. In the evening an optional dinner including a Tibetan cultural show can be arranged.

      Meals: Breakfast

      DAY 7

      Lhasa to Tsangpo River at foot of Kamba Pass

      Biking: ~85 km / Camping

      Today your trans¬Himalayan biking adventure begins in earnest. From Lhasa you’ll ride along the Tsangpo River to the foot of the Kamba-la (Kamba Pass) at 3700 m where you’ll stay tonight. On arrival you’ll find tents, latrines, a shower tent and facilities already set up.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 8

      Kamba Pass and Lake Yamdrok

      Biking: ~55 km / Camping

      Time to tackle your first mountain pass. A strong uphill climb reaches a summit lavishly adorned with prayer flags (4794 m). You may see sanscrit writings and Buddhist imagery on the rocks along the way. After descending among spectacular views, you’ll continue alongside Lake Yamdrok, a large, sacred mountain lake with turquoise waters. At the far side of the lake, the camp at 4490 m will be set up.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 9

      Lake Yamdrok to Karo Pass

      Biking: ~54 km / Camping

      Leaving beautiful Lake Yamdrok behind, the road takes you through a ravine and up to the foot of Karo Pass (4750 m). Spend the night here and take a well earned rest.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 10

      Karo Pass to Gyantse

      Biking: ~79 km / Hotel accommodation

      By now you should be feeling in good physical condition at this altitude. It will be an early start as a significant biking day lies ahead with a climb the high Karo-la (5010 m). All around you'll see 6000 m glaciers and beautiful lakes. Then its a fantastic descent to a quality hotel in the city of Gyantse (3980 m), known for its restored medieval dzong (fort).

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

      DAY 11

      Gyantze to Shigatse (Xigatse)

      Biking: ~85 km / Hotel accommodation

      First, visit the Palkhor Monastery and the old part of Gyantse town, before riding down a paved, flat highway. In the afternoon you will arrive in Tibet's second largest city, Shigatse (3860 m) at the confluence of two rivers. Tonight you'll again stay in a hotel.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

      DAY 12

      Shigatse to Gyachung Monastery

      Biking: ~75 km / Camping

      From Shigatse city, head out once more to remote wilderness as you ride over two small passes, through several small Tibetan villages and past the isolated Gyachung Monastery. The camp tonight will be at about 4100 m.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 13

      Gyachung Monastery to Yolong Pass to camp

      Biking: ~95 km / Camping

      Firstly ride through picturesque valleys before the long 'ramp' over Yulong pass (4520 m). After lunch descend towards Lhatse (3860 m), a town of a few thousand people near the roads to Mt Everest and Mt Kailash. Just before this town you may like to stop at the hot springs to soak your weary muscles. Tonight’s camp is about 10 km out of Lhatse.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 14

      Camp to Pelbar (Shegar)

      Biking: ~75 km / Hotel accommodation

      From the campsite, climb the 5220 m Lakpa Pass and contemplate the stunning views of its canyon. On a clear day you'll be rewarded with your first view of Mount Everest. After a 40 km ride through flat prairie towns you will arrive in the town of Pelbar, often referred to as Shegar, with its old fort rising behind. This town is another popular stopover for anyone heading to the Everest region. You'll stay overnight in a hotel.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

      DAY 15

      Shegar to Pang Pass to Rongbuk Valley camp

      Biking: ~67 km / Camping

      Diverting from the Lhasa¬Kathmandu highway, you’ll now head towards the world's highest peak. But first its 20 km of uphill switchbacks (42 hairpin bends in total!) before you reach the summit of the Pang Pass (5150 m). During lunch, gaze over Everest (8850 m), Lhotse (8516 m), Makalu (8463m), and Cho Oyu (8210 m), 4 of the 6 highest mountains in the world. Shishapangma (8012 m) is another breathtaking 8-thousander. Then its a 20 km ride to your camp at Rongbuk Valley (4200 m).

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 16

      Rongbuk Valley to Rongbuk Monastery (near Everest Base Camp)

      Biking: 35 km / Camping

      A defining day today, as we head to Everest Base Camp. A bumpy road winds up through the Rongbuk valley until the majestic Mount Everest appears before you. We will camp beside the famous Rongbuk Monastery, with the unforgettable sight of the 8850 m Mt Everest right before your eyes. You'll stay overnight in tents, at 5150 m. We will stay in this area for 2 days. By now you'll be feeling at peak fitness, and well acclimatised to this altitude.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 17

      Everest Base Camp

      Biking: 8 km / Camping

      A day to relax. However, you will definitely want to get as close as you can to Everest. Everest Base Camp is 8 km from your camp site. This is the only trip in the world where you can visit Everest Base Camp with a bicycle! You can also walk there, or even take a donkey and cart ride. It was here on the North Face that Reinhold Messner began his successful solo ascent of Everest in 1980.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 18

      Rongbuk Monastery camp to Old Tingri Camp

      Biking: ~76 km / Camping

      Leaving Rongbuk, we head back down the bumpy road and then take a ‘short cut’ into the mountains. Another bumpy road takes us through a canyon and down into Tingri (4340 m), a popular base for mountaineers.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 19

      Old Tingri Camp to Lake Peokutso

      Biking: ~95 km / Camping

      This morning we start riding towards Peokutso Lake (also known as Peiku) at 4,591 m on the Tibetan Plateau south of the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) River. The lake is 27 km long and 6 km wide at its narrowest and is surrounded by 5,700 to 6,000 m mountains. Streams fed by glaciers cascade to the valley floor, but most sink into alluvial deposits before reaching the lake. The surrounding catchment is an endorheic basin with no outlet; its brackish water being evidence that it has not overflowed in hundreds if not thousands of years.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 20

      Lake Peokutso to upper Kerong (Gyirong)

      Biking: up to 100 km (downhill) / Camping

      Gyirong Town (or Kerong in Nepali) is situated in the southern part of Gyirong County at an altitude of ~2,700 m. It has a subtropical mountain monsoon climate, meaning reasonable rain and warm weather. Gyirong was established as a port of entry by the Chinese government in 1961 and is an important trading point between China and Nepal. Historically it was a major thoroughfare. Also in this town there is a group of ethnic Nepali referred to as Daman people, descendants of the Nepalese Gurkha army from centuries ago. Previously stateless, they were granted Chinese citizenship in 2003. Today’s goal is to get reasonably close to the border at Kerong border with the route offering you the opportunity of a long downhill ride!!

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 21

      Upper Kerong to Kerong border

      Biking: ~70 km / Camping

      After breakfast we’ll start cycling to the Kerong border. It will be approximately 70 km before we arrive at tonight’s camp which is located in an extremely scenic spot.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 22

      Kerong border to Kathmandu

      Biking: ~50 km / Hotel accommodation

      This morning, our last ride of the tour is to Syburbesi. From here our 140 km bus transfer returns us to Kathmandu and the comfort of a hotel which will be welcomed by everyone.

      Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      DAY 23

      Departure Day: Kathmandu

      No biking

      Today marks the end of your epic high altitude tour of Nepal and Tibet. We will transfer you to Kathmandu Airport according to your flight departure time.

      Meals: Breakfast

      Tour Inclusions and Exclusions:

      Tour Includes:

      • Airport transfers in Kathmandu & Lhasa
      • Accommodation: hotels (3 star) and camping as per the itinerary
      • Meals as listed in the itinerary
      • Kathmandu to Lhasa flight
      • Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu & Lhasa
      • Experienced riding guide(s), cook(s) and helpers
      • Support by 4WD land cruiser and truck
      • Entrance fees and tours as per itinerary
      • Tibet travel permit and Chinese visa
      • Camping equipment (tents, mattresses)

      Tour Excludes:

      • International flights to/from Kathmandu
      • Excess luggage fees for Kathmandu-Lhasa flight
      • Airport taxes
      • Nepal visa fees (obtain on arrival)
      • Travel insurance
      • Drinks and personal items (eg laundry)
      • Tips for the guide(s) & crew
      • Bike hire: we recommend you bring your own

      Tour Video

      A trip through Tibet by mountain bike is simply stunning! This short movie gives an insight of what you will experience on a Global Cycling Adventures mountain biking tour.