Mountain Biking Tours

Mountain biking gets you up amongst life like no other form of travel can. These tours take you off the tourist track, all over the world, on every imaginable terrain. We have mountain bike tours to suit every skill and fitness level, and expert local guides.

Ride from the Dead to the Red Sea in Jordan, over Morocco's High Atlas Mountains, the Andes of Argentina, or the world's highest road (Sikkim, India). Follow a New Zealand rail trail or a Cuban revolutionary trail. Discover the hills, highlands and beaches of Vietnam, Bali, Crete, Thailand and Turkey. Get into nuggety mountains where rice, coffee, tea and tropical trees grow, and high above the treeline in Nepal and Tibet.

There are tours for beginners through to advanced riders. You'll stay in comfortable accommodation, and where terrain allows, you'll have the support of a back-up vehicle.



  • Jordan Bike Tour

    Jordan Mountain Biking Tour 10 DaysMadaba to Aqaba
    From the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, there's exciting mountain biking through an ancient land rich in history, culture and natural wonders.
    Best Travel Times: March - May / September - November
    • Mountain Biking
  • Madagascar

  • Madagascar Biking Tour

    Mountain Biking Tour Madagascar 16 DaysAntananarivo to Toliara
    Madagascar: a unique country and a dream destination for nature and outdoor lovers!
    Best Travel Times: May / September
    • Mountain Biking
    from $4168 NZD
    Global Cycling Adventures - Madagascar Mountain Biking
  • Tanzania

  • Tanzania Bike Tour

    Mountain Biking Tour Tanzania 16 DaysMoshi to Zanzibar
    Great diversity, great biking, great wildlife, fantastic landscapes — see the best of Africa in Tanzania.
    Best Travel Times: June - October
    • Mountain Biking
    from $7400 NZD
  • Asia


  • Mystical Bhutan 15 day Biking Adventure

    Journey to the Land of the Thunder Dragon 15 DaysParo to Guwahati
    Rarely is any country well known and at the same time steeped in such mystery. This tour allows the opportunity to visit the Land of the Thunder Dragon. An adventurous Bhutan cycling tour.
    Best Travel Times: May - October
    • Mountain Biking
    from $7971 NZD
    Bhutan Biking Adventures | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Majestic Bhutan - 12 day Bike tour

    12 Day Cycling Tour 12 DaysParo to Paro
    The remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is still one of the world's most unique and untouched destinations.
    Best Travel Times: April
    • Mountain Biking
  • Burma

  • Burma Mountain Biking Adventure

    14 DaysYangon to Yangon
    Explore fascinating central Burma, travelling from the Shan Plateau down to the plains and the Irrawaddy River
    Best Travel Times: tours run all year
    • Mountain Biking
    from $4670 NZD
    Burma Mountain Biking Adventure | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Mongolia

  • Mongolia Mountain Biking Tour

    Follow in the Footsteps of Genghis Khan and Marco Polo 14 DaysUlaanbaatar to Ulaanbaatar
    Wild, lonely, majestic, ancient and modern: discover Mongolia's sweeping terrain by mountain bike.
    Best Travel Times: June - August
    • Mountain Biking
    from $5113 NZD
    Mongolia Biking Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka Biking Adventure

    12 DaysNegombo to Colombo
    Sri Lanka offers a diverse cycling experience from jungle safaris, beaches, tea plantations to exotic countryside.
    Best Travel Times: November - April
    • Mountain Biking
    from $4010 NZD
    Sri Lanka Biking Adventure - 12 day Sri Lanka Biking Tour - Global Cycling Adventures
  • Vietnam

  • Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour 14 Days

    14 DaysHanoi to Saigon
    From Hanoi to the Central Highlands, MuiNe beach to exciting Saigon, this diverse 14-day tour will test your mountain-biking mettle.
    Best Travel Times: April-May / September-October
    • Mountain Biking
    from $4823 NZD
    Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures
  • Vietnam Mountain Bike Tour 9 Days

    Mountain Bike Tour Vietnam 9 DaysHanoi to Hanoi
    From Hanoi to the Red River Delta, rice terraces and massive limestone mountains, this active 9 day tour captures the best of North Vietnam.
    Best Travel Times: April-May / September-October
    • Mountain Biking
    from $3293 NZD
  • South America


  • Northern Argentina Bike Tour

    The Salta Region 10 DaysSalta to Jujuy
    This 10 day mountain bike tour in northern Argentina explores the fascinating landscapes around the Salta region
    • Mountain Biking
    from $5145 NZD