High Altitude Cycling Tours

Biking at high altitude is a physical (and often spiritual) quest that must be experienced to be fully understood. These tours challenge you to soar past your limitations, in incredibly beautiful landscapes. We've built in correct acclimatisation, and our expert crew will guide you. You'll be staying in remote and fragile environments, so accommodation is often basic, but always clean and comfortable. When camping, you'll be well fed and have the use of extra-thick sleeping mats. Many of these areas are spiritually significant, particularly in Buddhism and Hinduism. Many travellers say the friendliness and serenity of the local people is something they'll never forget.



  • Tibet Mountain Bike Tour

    23 DaysKathmandu to Kathmandu
    Experience amazing highs from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp, and the world's biggest and steepest downhill (150 km/4600 m)!
    Best Travel Times: April - May / September
    • High Altitude Cycling
    from $5297 NZD
    Tibet Mountain Bike Tour | Global Cycling Adventures