Italian Sardinia or French Corsica? We choose both!

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Only a few kilometres of sparkling Mediterranean waters separate the islands of Corsica and Sardinia but despite the proximity, the two offer distinct, unique holiday experiences. One is Italian and the other is French, for a start, but the differences don’t end there!

Corsica is known as the Island of Beauty. It’s home to a wild coastline, mountainous national parks, pine forests, fishing villages and ancient walled towns such as Calvi. We think Corsica is ‘unspoilt’, full of character, greener and more mountainous, which makes it spectacular.

Beaches are what Sardinia does best, and is popular amongst holidaymakers. Sardinia is popular for its mystical stone fortresses, or nuraghi, which dot the island; the archaeological gems at Nuoro; medieval Bosa and the archipelago of La Maddalena. Sardinia boasts about 24o beaches, has a warm Italian feel and is richer in archaeological sites.

Choosing between the two islands can be hard so that is why Global Cycling Adventures offers a Sardinia and Corsica – 13 Day Road Cycling Tour so you don’t have to choose!

On our journey along the western shorelines of both islands, we have blended Tour de France stages with rides for anyone to enjoy.

Our itinerary is designed with relaxation as a very high priority, but also great cycling! We stay two nights at most hotels, with many close to the beach. You can choose to make the trip a full-on cycling holiday with challenging daily rides, or a more relaxing one by taking the shorter routes offered (also with an e-bike if preferred). On ‘loop’ days there is also the option to skip a ride and spend time basking in the Mediterranean climate on dreamy beaches or exploring the sights.

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