Greenland – The Scenery is Just The Tip of the Iceberg!

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It has been said that few places combine such magnificent scenery, clarity of light and raw power of nature as Greenland. Don’t think of Greenland as a far-flung holiday dream! While this Arctic country might be huge, it is a great place to live and breathe some of nature’s most striking features. This sparsely populated country is the largest non-continental island on earth. Icebergs and glaciers make up the most famous features of the environment, their colossal shapes of white and blue float on waters of the deepest azure. The inland ice while kilometres thick, appears static, yet cracks and creaks as it moves.

There is so much to discover: green mountains with beautiful wildflowers, breathtaking fjords, precipitous cliffs, hot springs, crystal clear skies and clean air. Animals thrive on sea and land – seals, whales, polar bears and reindeer amongst many others. There are few roads between towns so if you plan to explore it will be by boat, airplane, sled or snowmobile.

Here’s 21 quick facts and reasons to visit Greenland.

  1. Arts & Crafts – Greenland has a vibrant tradition in modern decorative art and handicrafts. Greenlanders have refined beautiful works of stone, bone, leather and pearl. Works can be purchased in shops.
  2. Music – Greenlanders are music-loving people, fact. For a country of less than 60,000 inhabitants some 10-15 albums are released annually with the best-selling around 5,000 copies each.
  3. Fashion – Greenlandic fashion is worth a look: Products are innovative and cutting-edge combining traditional design, new techniques and materials.
  4. Architecture – Greenlandic architecture has been emerging, and shown in buildings which bear the hallmark of traditional Nordic design.
  5. Festivals – Greenlanders have many traditions and festive gatherings. The most celebrated are Christmas, New Year and the National Day on June 21st.
  6. Taste – Greenlandic cuisine stems from traditional hunting foods to new dishes incorporating international and Greenlandic ingredients.
  7. Hunting – For Greenlanders hunting and fishing have been a matter of life and death for 4,000 years, shaping a culture that invented and perfected the kayak.
  8. Traditional Dress – Greenland’s national costume is both famous and a magnificent sight. Beads introduced by Europeans became part of the female outfit.
  9. Language – The Greenlandic language belongs to the Eskimo family of languages. Each word can convey the meaning of an entire sentence.
  10. History has a tangible presence. Traditional ways of life, the art of storytelling and handicrafts form a part of modern society.
  11. Icebergs are majestic natural works of art heading out to sea. These sculptures that are up to 100 metres high are a formidable sight and are best seen in the summer.
  12. Midnight Sun – See the warm and magical light of the midnight sun in north of the Arctic Circle, it makes it possible to go sailing or hiking no matter how late or early it is.
  13. Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis – Let the Northern Lights remind you of the seemingly infinite beauty in Greenland. The best time to see the Northern Lights is on a dark, clear autumn or winter night.
  14. The Ice Cap – The vast scale of the ice cap puts the world in its proper perspective – whether you see it from a dog sled, the sea, on a pair of skis or in a pair of walking boots.
  15. Fauna – Sea eagles, seals, whales, musk oxen and polar bears. Greenland’s wildlife is rich and extremely diverse. You will encounter it out in the wilderness and on guided safaris.
  16. Flora – Greenland is much greener than most people think. Colourful flowers, lush meadows and hardy plants spring up when the summer’s mild wind blows.
  17. Weather – Greenland’s changeable weather varies between regions. Appropriate clothing is a must.
  18. Hot Springs – For over 1,000 years Greenlanders have been enjoying crystal-clear 38-degree warm springs of Southern Greenland.
  19. Glaciers – Get up close to massive glaciers on the edge of towns. Tour companies offer hiking, helicopter and boat trips to the glaciers.
  20. Climate Change – Greenland’s ice cap contains 10% of the world’s supply of fresh water and is now melting with increasing speed.
  21. The National Park – Greenland’s National Park is the largest in the world. It is a vast Arctic paradise and home to an incredible range of wildlife and spectacular scenery.

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Greenland Sightseeing Tour - Global Cycling Adventures

Greenland Sightseeing Tour - Global Cycling Adventures

Greenland Sightseeing Tour - Global Cycling Adventures