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Tour de France: Days 1 & 2

Posted by: admin | Saturday 14 June 2014 09:34 pm No Comments

TdF 2014 has started for us and we’ve enlisted the help of a few tour members to post on our blog throughout the tour. Thank you to Bruce Murray for this post.

Tour de France: Day 3

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Guest blogger and avid cyclist Bruce Murray joins us to provide his account of Day 3, TdF 2014.

2000 Tour de France – 2014 Style

Posted by: admin | Wednesday 28 May 2014 02:43 pm No Comments

Guest blogger Craig Boyce joins us on the TDF2014 tour. Read on for his commentary and musings along the way on this epic France road cycling tour. In this post Craig laments on the good old days of the Tour de France.

European Road Cycling Tours for 2013

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We thought we’d pedal through our pick of Europe bike tours for 2013!