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Two wheels is the only way to see the real Africa

Posted by: admin | Tuesday 16 July 2013 01:52 pm No Comments

From close encounters with hippos and zebras to husking sunflower seeds and watching the sun rise over Mt Kilimanjaro, cycle tourists say two wheels is the only way to see the real Africa.

Ride in the footsteps of Genghis Khan & Marco Polo on a 14-day Mountain Biking Adventure

Posted by: admin | Tuesday 21 May 2013 01:44 pm No Comments

Mongolia Mountain Biking Adventure: 14 days of great mountain biking through wild, lonely, majestic, ancient and modern Mongolia.

New Zealand Mountain Biking Getaway

Posted by: admin | Monday 08 April 2013 12:42 pm No Comments

If you’ve less time, but want to get off-road on your mountain bike, then we highly recommend joining us on a 5-day mountain biking tour through New Zealand’s Central Otago. This tour might be short, but it certainly doesn’t lack in diversity, thrills and challenge!

New Zealand Mountain Biking Heaven – A Biker’s Perspective

Posted by: admin | Wednesday 31 October 2012 12:52 pm No Comments

Freedom is spinning the wheels and living the dream, especially when living and working in a war zone. This statement became true when I realized that all I wanted to do was mountain bike every day while on Rest and Recuperation (R&R)! This blog post by Sharon Strickland is her account of mountain biking in New Zealand. Who knows, she might just encourage you to come along!

Greece Bicycle Tours – Revisiting ‘Vasili the Lion of Crete’

Posted by: admin | Wednesday 22 August 2012 01:45 pm No Comments

Our friend Craig Boyce is currently on tour with us in Crete. Today he shared with us this story of what he’s been up to on tour, we just had to share…